Where to send documents for PCC through BLS

In this video, I have mentioned all steps to solve problems related to document pick and drop.
If you are facing issues regarding the documents pick and drop service, you must watch this video to get a solution.

If you have any issues regarding pickup and drop-off service. You can send Manually at

For Brampton Office:
BLS International Services
Unit 403
40 Gillingham Drive, Brampton,
ON L6X 5A5, Canada

For detailed information regarding the step-by-step PCC application process, you must watch this video:

Website Links:

Application form link:

BLS Website

Police Clearance Certificate Link

Create Shipping Label

Please keep checking the above links to observe any changes to the application process, so that your application is up to date.

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Written by jugrajsidhu in January 23, 2022
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